Implementing MYOB

I've been using MYOB since, I think, 1998. This is the accounting software that I recommend to my clients for the reason that it was the first on-the-shelf accounting software accepted and recognized by the BIR in the Philippines. That means, BIR recognizes the books or reports generated by MYOB. And if you're registering your company that utilizes a computerized accounting system, MYOB is acceptable.

In my experience, it is easier to implement MYOB if the users are adept both in accounting and technology. If not, that is the challenge. Training is not enough. You need to guide the users through their implementation stage because what is important is that MYOB must be able to generate reliable financial data. That's why my services include training and implementation. MYOB as a technology is useless if it cannot generate reliable financial data. This reliability depends on the completeness of data. It is not enough that the users only know how to operate the software, they should also know what data to enter and understand the significance of the data they are entering.

It is not easy to break or change what the users have been accustomed to practice with the manual accounting system. Most likely, they'd rather not use MYOB. Therefore it is important that the users understand that MYOB cannot adapt to their old practices, instead, they themselves should adapt to MYOB; and as necessarily, change or eliminate some procedures they would no longer need.

Some financial transactions are very unique to a company. This is a challenge to a MYOB consultant. He must be able to provide the client a solution, an alternative step, or a workaround. In order for a consultant to be able to give that solution, he must have an in-depth knowledge of the principles of accounting and a clear understanding of MYOB's system logic.


Registering and Activating Your MYOB

This post is about:
  1. Registering your MYOB
  2. Activating your MYOB
  3. Confirming your MYOB licenses

Registering MYOB

As soon as you receive your MYOB software CD installer, install it at once and register it online. Though you can also register it through your reseller or by fax, registering it online is the easiest. Registration is necessary before you can activate your company data file. It takes time before you can activate your company data file. You cannot activate it on the same day you registered your MYOB. The MYOB software itself will guide you how to register.

If you wish to register through your reseller, make sure that your MYOB CD has a registration card. If none, you can ask from your reseller. If you want it sent via email, request a pdf or jpeg copy.

Activating MYOB

You have 30 days to use your MYOB unless you activate it. While you have not activated it, it keeps on reminding you to activate it. To activate it online is the easiest and most convenient. You can also activate it by phone.

Enabling Your License

Enabling your license and additional licenses online is the easiest way to do it. You can also enable your licenses by phone, from which a recorded voice will give you the confirmation code that you have to enter in the license window. In case you purchased a multi-user version of MYOB Premier with additional sub-licenses, your MYOB reseller may require you to register the software through them. Just make sure that you give them the correct company code. The company code is automatically generated by MYOB.

If the Company Code didn't match the Confirmation Code

Each time you enable your license online, it generates the next company code. If the confirmation code provided by your reseller does not match the company code generated by MYOB, you can disregard the confirmation code and opt to enable your licenses online. You only need a confirmation code if you need to enable your licenses by phone or through a reseller. In some cases, your reseller wants to control the registration of your MYOB. That means even if you enable your licenses online, your MYOB remains a single user. You will need to wait until your reseller gives you the confirmation code.