Receive Payments Does Not Display Invoice Number

Receive Payments Window
A payment from a customer may be partial or in full. It may apply to:
  • A single invoice, or
  • Multiple invoices.
In MYOB, it is easy to apply a customer payment because all outstanding (unpaid) invoices are displayed in the Receive Payments window. If you have a good accounting control procedure that strictly requires a purchase order from a customer and that you loyally enter the purchase order number in the Customer PO# field in the Sales Invoice window of MYOB, then you will have no problem entering a customer payment.

What if your office doesn't have that kind of strict control? This means that it's possible that you don't have a customer's PO. How would you know if a particular payment applies to the correct invoice?

MYOB does not display your invoice number, only your customer's PO number.

One solution is to use the Find Transactions of MYOB. But that's time consuming because you have to go back and forth from one window to another. Take a look at the image above. If you didn't enter a PO# in your invoice window, your only lead to the correct invoice is the date and the amount.

Invoice form window
Better Solution

Enter both your invoice number and your customer's PO number in the Customer PO# field.  For example, if your invoice number is 799499 and your customer' PO number is 123456, in the Customer PO# field of your invoice form, enter 799499--123456. See the example on the right image.

When you open your Receive Payments window, it will display your invoice number. That way, it will be easier for you to locate the invoice that your customer is paying. See the image on top for the example. Both the invoice and PO numbers are reflected.