Implementing MYOB Step by Step

MYOB ACCOUNTEDGE 2009 FOR MACIf you're a consultant who needs to know on how to implement MYOB to your client; or a business owner who wants to use MYOB to aid you manage your financials, here's a step-by-step guide on how to implement MYOB.


  1. Install the software and register it online.
  2. Create the company file and set the parameters.
  3. Create the chart of accounts and enter the balances.
  4. Activate MYOB and enable the license/s (if you bought more than one license).
  5. Import the purchase and sale transactions of previous month/s.
  6. Import the list of products and set the item prices and quantity on hand.
  7. Import the list of customers and suppliers and set each parameters.
  8. Customize the forms.
  9. Enter the historical balances of accounts payable and receivable.
  10. Set the security access and permissions.

Regular operations

  1. Record the current purchases.
  2. Record the current sales.
  3. Record the receipts and deposits.
  4. Record the disbursements.
  5. Record other entries.
  6. Reconcile the bank accounts.
  7. Conduct an inventory count.
  8. Print the reports; customize, if needed.
  9. Backup.